About Us

Social Vision

We at Nutrichef strongly believe in giving back to society and have thereby put our hearts and believes in a social vision:


Zero Kilometre:

Defines and focuses on the usage of home-grown vegetables and herbs planted and nurtured in fertiliser created from composting the food wastes from the kitchen. The produce will be grown at 0 kilometres from where it is processed into hearty and soulful food.

The Positive Company:

Carbon-waste positive: we strongly believe in lowering our carbon footprint, emissiosn and carbon wastes. By 2018 we will be operating using 100% renewable energy sources.

100% Solid Waste Positive:

All solid wastes and food wastes from the kitchen are dried and passed through an incenaration process, creating manure which is then further used to grow vegetables and herbs on-site.

100% Water Waste Positive:

The water from the kitchen is stored in tanks and then filtered and carefully disposed at the right channels ensuring no harm to the environment.


Buy a meal – donate a meal. We have a soft corner for the not so privileged corners of our societies and we want you to help us help them. Once a week, every meal you buy from us, equal amount of meals to be given away to the homeless in various parts of Bangkok.