Menu of the Week

Breakfast Passion Fruit Breakfast Pudding
Lunch Chicken Laksa
Dinner Baked Fish and Potatoes
Snacks High Protein Green Pea Dip
Breakfast Peach and Prunes Bowl
Lunch Chicken Corn Chilly and Quinoa
Dinner Herby Salmon with Baked Potatoes
Snacks Pistachio and Apricot Energy Bars
Breakfast Protein Pancakes
Lunch Classic Tomato and Fish Whole Wheat Spaghetti
Dinner Sesame Crusted Chicken
Snacks Super Skinny Hummus
Breakfast Mexican Breakfast
Lunch Pork and Black Beans
Dinner Italian Style Tofu Stew
Snacks Wild Rice Salad with Purple Cabbage
Breakfast Cacao Nibs Porridge
Lunch Garden Peas and Baked Fish with Jobs Tears
Dinner Cous Cous Peppers and Roast Chicken
Snacks Baked Veggie Fritters