Menu of the Week

Breakfast Baked Banana Protein Pancakes
Lunch Chicken in a Pot
Dinner Grilled Minty Fish and Beans
Snacks Tuna Pate on Crisps
Breakfast DK’s Breakfast Granola
Lunch Pork and Apple Sauce
Dinner Whole Wheat Chicken Burritos
Snacks Chive and Quinoa Salad
Breakfast Pomegranate Porridge
Lunch Citrus Salmon Summer Bake
Dinner Wine Baked Chicken
Snacks Mango and Super Food Yogurt
Breakfast Very Berry Oaty Breakfast
Lunch Pok Choy and Tofu Stew
Dinner Pork and Mushroom Curry
Snacks Prunes and Date Energy Bar
Breakfast Ham and Poached Eggs with Mustard
Lunch Mexican Style Fish Cakes
Dinner Caribbean Potatoes and Chicken
Snacks Green Pea Guacamole