Nutrichef Just Stepped up the game, this is how?

Over the past few months the Nutrichef team has been working hard to make our meals and service cater even better to the needs and tastes of our fellow Nutrichamps.

Thanks to all of our customers – who without – we wouldn’t be where we are today. It’s down to your feedback and support that we can continue to grow from strength to strength. Thanks so much – and keep up the awesomeness.

Here’s a rundown of the latest and what makes us different…

Nutritional information

We provide nutritional info for each meal we ship. You can find this on our online Menu – and we’ll soon be adding this to our boxes too (so watch this space).

Multiple subscriptions

If you live under the same roof as another Nutrichamp, you can now set up a multi-subscription. We also offer a 10% discount on the second subscription of your friend or family member! If you’re interested in adding this to your account, reach out to us at

More menu variety

We’re bringing even more to the table with a creative mix of colorful, plant & meal based ingredients and inspiration from cuisines from across the globe. Take a look at our latest menu to see what deliciousness is in store for the week ahead.

Bigger portions of the good stuff

We’re helping you to pack more nutrition into your week with heartier portions of healthy vegetarian and animal proteins and yummy veggies – still within nutritional and calorie guidelines, of course 🙂

Better management of allergies

For each meal, we now bring a delicious alternate allergy-free meal to the menu, redesigned every week to keep things fresh.

Snack time got game

Our snack menu is constantly evolving – from  Protein muffins to hummus, chocolate mousse to chia pudding – our snacks are designed to keep you sustained throughout the day and help support an active lifestyle.

Delivery and customer support

We’ve got more delivery and support crew on board which means less delays and better management of your order from end to end. Our support team is always on hand to help – whether you have any questions about Nutrichef, our menu, or would just like to chat about the wonders of a animal protein or plant-based diet, reach out to us at