A Sustainable food concept born out of passion and determination of friends who aspire to bring about a revolution in the food industry of Asia. First of its Kind in Bangkok, Maintaining Authenticity and experimenting fusion with cooking methods and sustainable and organic ingredients MGTheFoodByDK endeavors to champion a novel on the go food experience. MGTheFoodByDK started in 2015 serving food with a heart and soul to the discerning individuals who seek an alternative, clean, responsible and sublime dining experience.

My cofounders and I started this company with a simple mission: Provide convenient access to locally sourced, sustainably produced, nutritious and, above all, delicious food and beverages.

“When you get close to the raw materials and taste them at the moment they let go of the soil, you learn to respect them.”

Over the past 4 months of running this incredible project we have come to realize that we are not just providing residents of Bangkok with amazingly nutritious and delicious food but also helping them turn their bus around in life by being a life style catalyst.

We have started this Project because we want to improve health and wellness for all. We believe that the best way we could nurture the world’s health is by reconnecting people to nature, to real foods, in a way that delivers the optimal amount of nutrition so that everyone can feel energetically aligned, unanimous, and whole.

Lets create a better today for an amazing tomorrow.

With Gratitude,

DK and the entire Nutrichef Team